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About NREG

We are a community driven initiative that aims to encourage people and businesses in the South West to switch to renewable energy and live a more sustainable life. Our goal is for our region to be powered by 100% renewable energy.

Already our highly successful community solar bulk-buy project has made the transition to renewables easy and affordable for households and businesses in the area.

In just 6 months we have reached our first stage goal of 25 new solar installations in Dunsborough and will now be donating a PV system to a local non-profit community group or organisation.

NREG Solar Supplier

NREG have partnered with local solar supplier Sean Scanlon of Save Energy Dunsborough. Save Energy specialise in the supply and installation of on and off-grid solar systems throughout Western Australia. Sean has a wealth of experience having sold over 5000KW of solar power in Western Australia over the past 4 years. He can offer sound advice on how to save energy and advise on quality renewable energy solutions for your home, business or organisation.

Save Energy chooses to only install premium solar technologies, which are the most efficient, most reliable solar panels with superior temperature and lifetime performance. Find out more on our Solar Bulk-Buy page

Sean Scanlon Save Energy Eagle Bay Brewery

Benefits of solar bulk-buy

  • Discounted bulk-buy prices
  • High quality solar systems
  • Battery-ready
  • Affordable payment options
  • Expert advice without hard sell
  • Community bonus system with every 25 new installations

Meet the Team

We are made up of a team of passionate volunteers from the South West who meet regularly to come up with new ideas to help guide the community to a more renewable future. Click here to join us

NREG Sponsors & Members

NREG Christian Fletcher

Christian Fletcher

Founder & Chairman

Christian Fletcher is a professional photographer and environmentalist. He has two photographic galleries, one in Dunsborough and the other in…

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Michael Baldock

NREG Member

Michael grew up in Yallingup, a product of a surfer from the east seeking new waves and the daughter of…

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Sean Scanlon

Sponsor / Save Energy Solar Sales

Save Energy is a local Dunsborough business specialising in the supply and installation of on and off-grid solar systems throughout…

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NREG Lucy Jordanoff

Lucy Jordanoff

Sponsor / Freelancer

Lucy joins the team as website assistant. She has a background in graphic design, web design and photography with a…

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NREG Jenny Fletcher

Jenny Fletcher

Sponsor & NREG Member

Jenny Fletcher is a passionate environmentalist. Her skills include design, research, and public relations. She has a deep connection to…

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Stuart Sibbald


Stuart Sibbald moved to Dunsborough in 1996 with his wife and 2 young boys to experience a family¬†oriented supportive¬†community, living…

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Join us

Are you interested in joining a core group of people to help transition Dunsborough and the South West towards a renewable energy future? Find out more...

Solar Bulk-Buy

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