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6.6kw Rooftop Solar Installation

Originally posted on our facebook page on 21st February 2016 by Michael Fletcher

Last week we joined the green and clean revolution by being one of the first clients to take up the Naturaliste Renewable Energy Groups bulk Solar discount. Sean Scanlon from Save Energy Australia fitted off a 6.6kw system which will more than cover our energy needs over the course of the year. As soon as more battery storage systems come on line we will making the break to being 95% off the grid so I can bang on those aircons at full blast, have all my lights on all night as I’m scared of the dark, and listen to my Sonos System for as long and as loud as I like.

A big shout goes to Jase the Electrician who installed the system for Save Energy Australia.

Dunsborough is slowly getting greener and greener. Don’t forget tomorrow nights NREG meeting to discuss the solar discounts on offer to all residents of Dunsborough and beyond.

Go green for our future on this planet.

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