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First NREG Solar System Installed

Originally posted on our facebook page on 11th February 2016 by Sean Scanlon


Were pleased to announce the first solar installation under the bulk buy program has been installed and its pumping out the power!!

The system consists of 4kw of German Made SolarWorld solar panels and a 5kw Fronius Solar inverter. The system was designed to cater for the current load of the property and allows for expansion of up to 6.5kw at a later date.

The system, aptly named ” CJ’s Powerhouse” has recorded a massive 29 kWh (units) in just one day and is powering 100% of daytime energy consumption!!


Cj Robinson chose to add the all new “Fronius Energy Meter” to the system which allows her to see real time energy usage as well as the solar PV production via the Solarweb portal or App. The energy meter serves two purposes: Firstly, it will show potential areas you can shift energy consumption e.g. if your exporting excess solar energy to the grid in the middle of the day, why not turn your pool pumps on at midday instead of at night when your buying the power from the grid! Secondly, the device records historical consumption data which can be used for determining battery capacity at a later date – something Cj and her partner are excited about adding.


When asked why she chose the German SolarWorld panels Cj responded “we don’t see ourselves selling the house for many years, so we chose a panel that is reliable, has a long history in solar and has the finances to back up warranties!” She added ” And the Fronius inverter is compatible with the Tesla Power Wall batteries at a later date!”

The second system, a 5kw system in Maybrook Estate, is due to be commissioned later this afternoon and another late next week. For a free solar consultation and quote, please call Sean Scanlon on 0488 261 009

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